Newsletter 12/2015

Dear reader,

We wish to share some upcoming news that will affect our business.

HDM99XP - End of Production

15 years ago we introduced the HDM99XP, after a long successful product lifetime, the time has come to create a new, modern product. The production of the HDM99XP has been discontinued. Unfortunately, no further orders can be accepted.

HDC75 - Biotech-Lab

Our new product is named HDC75 and will form part of our brand-new Biotech-Lab system. This is a product family of sensors which will be followed up next year with patient simulators designed for testing and quality control of medical instrumentation.

This system is not focusing solely on hemodialysis, it is designed for all biomedical applications. Details and a list of applications are available here. 

The system will be available end of January 2016. The discount structure is identical to the the HDM97Pocket range of meters.
If you look into our price list you will find special bundles for hemodialysis.


Important if you own a Neo-2 meter

Mesa Labs has declared  End of Life Notice for – Neo-2 Meter as of 12/31/2015. This means that they will no longer repair or even calibrate the Neo-2 anymore.

There are thousends of Neo-2's sold to the market which either need to be replaced or calibrated. We are very happy to support Mesa customers who have been left out and thus we are delighted to be able to offer a calibration service for Neo-2 customers affected by the recent discontinuation. Remember we also produce an equivalent meter to the Neo-2 with our HDM97 range.

Read the Mesa Labs notice...

For your info, we still service meters sold in the 80's!

Update Web Site

We have updated our web site and would appreciate your feedback.

For details please navigate to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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