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Conductivity/Temperature Sensor
Conductivity 2...25 mS/cm
Temperature 0...100 C
6-pole electrode in carbon plastic technology
Different modes for temperature compensation
Galvanically isolated RS485 Interface
Complete ready to measure
OEM-Versions on request
Evaluation kit available

Ready to measure

The sensors has an galvanically isolated RS485-Interface and comes calibrated for immediate use. The sensor delivers measuring values for conductivity and temperature. The conductivity is temperature compensated.

Conductivity Measurement

The sensor has a state of the art 6-pole carbon plastic technology for conductivity measurement. A leakage current protection combined with grounding electrodes at both ends of the fluid path makes the sensor extremely insensitive to disturbances introduced in the fluid stream. This technology gives no polarization effects and results in an linear and stable function over years of use.

Conductivity Temperature Compensation

Conductivity temperature coefficient may be adjusted, ensuring a high accuracy conductivity measurement. The sensor offers four modes for compensation.

Temperature Compensation Modes
No compensation
  Linear with one adjustable value
Dynamic with two adjustable
values and temperatures
Non Linear Function for tap, purified
and waste water
in accordance with
ISO 7888 DIN EN 27888 Standards.

Evaluation Kit

We offer an evaluation kit which includes senor with an additional connector for USB-Connection, USB-Cable and the Biotech-Lab software. This software allows to display, record, save and print measurements.




Conductivity   6 pole carbon plastic electrode.
Temperature compensation
may be adjusted.
Range: 225.00 mS/cm
Accuracy: 2...11.99 mS/cm 0,06 mS/cm
  12...15.00 mS/cm 0,04 mS/cm
  15...18.00 mS/cm 0,08 mS/cm
  18...25 mS/cm 0,2 mS/cm
  Higher accuracy on request.
Temperature   Sensor integrated into the conductivity electrode
Range: 0...100 C
Resolution: 0.01 C
Accuracy: 25...40C 0.1C
otherwise  0.5C
Calibration   PTB/NIST traceable
Communication rate   All measurements five times per second
Material   In contact with measuring media:
PEI, Stainless Steel 1.4305, O-Ring VMQ
Flow path   5 mm inner diameter
Tube connection   Hose nozzle, outer diameter 7 mm or
Thread G1/8"
Interface   RS485, galvanically isolated
Power supply   3,3 to 5 V, max. 60 mA via RS485-Interface
  Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50C
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 80C
Operating and Storage Humidity: 85% max
relative humidity non-condensing
from 0 to 50C
Dimensions   133 x 26 x 44 mm
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