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Flow Sensors
Integrated filter in the flow path in order to protect the sensor
The sensor comes equipped with a Quick-disconnect coupling
Other sensors can be adapted easily.  Please contact us.


Technical Data
Measuring principal: Turbine
Range:   100 to 2000 ml/min
H2O at  22C / 71.6F
Resolution:  1 ml/min
Accuracy: 2.0 % of measured value
Repeatability better 0,5%
Fluid temperature -20C to +80C
Pressure 0 to 5 bar at 22C
High Accuracy
Measuring principal: Gear
Range: 5 to 1750 ml/min
H2O at 22C / 71.6F
Resolution:  0,01 ml/min
Accuracy: 1.5 % of measured value
Repeatability better 0,5%
Fluid temperature -20C to +80C
Pressure -0.1 to 5 bar at 22C
Calibration   PTB/NIST traceable
Communication rate   Five times per second
Degree of protection   IP67
Power supply   3,3 to 5 V, 60 mA via RS485- or USB-Interface
Environmental conditions   Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50C
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 80C
Operating and Storage Humidity: 85% max
relative humidity non-condensing
from 0 to 50C
Dimensions   110 x 30 x 30 mm


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