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Blood Pressure Calibration Set for HDU-PRH15

Calibration set
according to EN1060.

The HDU-PRH15 sensor features highly accurate, very high resolution, pressure measurement. This high level of accuracy allows devices to be calibrated in accordance with the EN1060 standard.

The calibration set allows the user to calibrate blood pressure measuring devices via the HDU-PRH15 sensor.


For the mechanical standard interface of the HDU-Sensors different adapter are available.
Flow Through adapter with Quick-disconnect coupling connectors

This flow through adapter allows the user to connect the sensors into a flow stream.
With an additional adapter the user may also take samples of the fluid.

Article No: 31.0491.00

See the Quick-disconnect coupling below:

Quick-disconnect couplings for flow through adapter

Quick-disconnect couplings are available in different versions.

Working pressure (PN): 10 bar
Temperature: -20C to +100C
Sterilizable: up to +121C
Material: Body PVDF; Compression spring Inox 1.4310

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Panel mounted flow-through adapter for fluids

Sensor adapter for panel mount.
Comes with a
G1/8 thread for use with any type of tube connector.

Article No: 31.0492.00

Panel mounted adapter for pressure sensors - for gas only

Pressure sensor adapter for panel mount.
Comes with a
G1/8 thread for any type of tube connector.
For gases only.

Article No: 31.0493.00

Panel mount adapter for pressure sensors with ejector button - gas only

This adapter allows the user to insert a sensor within a device
for easy disconnect for calibration.

Article No: 31.0494.00

Pressure sensor adapter

with G1/8 thread for any type of tube connector

Article No: 31.0497.00

Pressure measurement with Fresenius Dialysis Machines

This adapter is available for pressure measurement with Fresenius Dialysis Machines.

Article No: 31.0498.00

Sensor Replacement connector for panel mounted adapter

This may be used as a sensor replacement connector for use in a panel mounted adapter.
It features
a G1/8 thread for use with any type of tube connector.

Article No: 31.0499.00

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