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Modular product family of sensors, sources and vital signs simulators
designed for testing and quality control of biomedical devices

Application includes
Hemodialysis machines
Ophtamological lasers
Blood pressure meters
Automatic tourniquets
Drainage devices
IV pumps
Diagnostic, surgical suction
Pressure gauges
RO-Water Systems

Hemodialysis machines
Temperature monitors
Electronic thermometers
Blood warmers
Hypo/hyperthermia machines
Infant incubator
Radiant warmers

Hemodialysis machines
Water Treatment

Hemodialysis machines
RO-Water Systems
Water Treatment


HDC75  Display and Control Unit
  7" Touch Screen
  5 Sensor ports
  Windows 10 based
AC and battery operation
14000 mAh battery
for long continuous work
  Robust housing


New Concept

The Biomed-Lab system is a new approach to combine a family of intelligent reference sensors, sources and vital signs simulators with a handheld smart computer for testing and quality control of medical instrumentation. The product line combines more than 30 years of experience of innovative measuring device development.


The modular concept of the Biomed-Lab system allows the use of any combination of sensors in order to fulfill user specific test or calibration requirements. Only one central unit for all the daily tasks needed.


Advanced Hard- and Software

Advanced electronics technology combined with highly developed software results in a completely new type of measuring system with features and a high level of accuracy simply not achievable with other units.

The central unit is based on Microsoft Windows 10. This allows to use all the features of a modern smart computer. Data handling was never so easy.
For different applications different software is available. The basic Biometer-Software allows to read measuring values both in numerical and grafical way.


The HDU-Sensors are developed and produced under certified quality management system according to 13485. We offer an annual sensor calibration service with certification in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard.

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