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Easy operation

The operation of the machine was designed with the busy
laboratory in mind. The application windows are clear and
easy to understand.









All entries are checked for plausibility. After entering the
test parameters the machine runs the standard routines automatically. At every step, the status of any current
procedure is clearly indicated on the screen, allowing
the user to monitor at any time.








Upon test completion, the protocol can be printed
including all results and commentaries. All data is stored
in a database for later analysis or reprint.


Always clearly informed

The current operating mode along with all status information is displayed
in the top left window.

System error messages and user information are displayed on the right.


Clearance and sieving coefficient    

Connection of the measuring solution bottle to the machine has been kept simple, thus allowing quick and easy measuring of clearance and sieving coefficients.


For the photometric determination of clearance and sieving coefficients, the device allows automatic sample collection on the blood and dialysate side, at the inlet and outlet.

Safe to operate

All sub windows such as cleaning contain clear handling instruction.

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