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The production of dialyser filters require the utmost reliability

The HDA10 Dialyser Filter Analyser provides the user with the
best system to test hemodialysis filters in accordance with
DIN-EN1283 standard. The device was developed in cooperation
with a leading hemodialyser fiber manufacturer in order to control
the fiber and dialyser production on a daily basis.

The HDA10 was designed with the busy laboratory in mind,
therefore after entering test parameters the machine will run
standard routines automatically. Procedure status is clearly
indicated on the screen allowing the user to both monitor and
control the whole test. Upon test completion all results and
commentaries may be printed.

Advanced Software

The device’s Advanced Software Technology provides the user
with the ability to easily adapt procedures to user needs. The
user interface is programmed with Labview, a graphical software
development environment. Test sequence parameters are stored
in an Excel-Table, which allows for easy accessibility and modification.

Advanced Hardware

Advanced electronic and hydraulic technology, combined with
highly developed well thought out software, results in a completely
new type of measuring instrument that keeps user convenience in
mind. This coupled with special features and an accuracy level not
achievable with other units assures that you are using the most
advanced reliable technology.

Service friendly

Maintenance and Service can be expensive in the lifecycle of machines.
Therefore, we have designed the hydraulic and electronic compartments
to be separate, allowing easier access to all parts. Calibration
procedures are guided by detailed onscreen handling instructions.


The HDA10 has been developed to and is produced under certified
medical device quality management system ISO 13485.

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