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Canada & USA - Pick Up Service for Meter Repair and Calibration

For your convenience IBP offers an international pick up service for meters needing service.

How it works
To make the annual calibration service as convenient as possible for you IBP
offers a worldwide pick up service of the meter at your location.

Once you are in need of a repair or calibration service, please contact us.

Please provide the following information with your inquiry:

  • Type and serial number of the meter
  • Address of Pick-Up location
  • Name of person responsible
  • Phone number of person responsible
  • Fax number of person responsible
  • Email of responsible person
  • Address of Invoice
  • Address of return shipment (if different from Pick-Up location)
  • PO Number
  • Weight of the package
  • Dimensions of the package

What's next
You will receive an export declaration from IBP which needs to be attached to the package.
We need your feedback once the meter is ready for shipment.
Once we have this info we will instruct UPS or FedEx to pick up your meter.

The prices for this pick up service are much lower than shipping on your account.
Please ask for prices for your address.

What you should send
The cost of the pick-up service is calculated for a package with up to 2.5 Kg.
To avoid any additional charges on overweight please just send the following items:

  • The meter
  • Conductivity/Temperature probe
  • If applicable the flow-sensor

      To avoid overweight and additional expenses, please do not send the case or battery charger.

Shipping address

IBP Medical GmbH
Ikarusallee 15
30179 Hannover

Turnaround time

The typical time for the calibration time is less than 7 days.
Including transportation, you can expect to have you meter back within 14 days.

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