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New generation of ECG Simulator

Easy to use
37 normal und pathological beat types

Different to most devices in the market:

"Artificial" beat types as required by IEC EN 60601-2-51




The SEC160 is a new generation of ECG simulator.
Compact, handy and digital the SEC160 simulates not only normal und pathological beat series, but also "artifical" ones as required by IEC EN 60601-2-51/Appendix II.

The SEC160 provides
Six beat series with 37 normal und pathological beat types
Six beat series with 114 beat types in accordance with IEC EN 60601-2-51

Easy to use

The mixprogram offers a typical selection of normal and pathological beat types. It  provides various ECG beat forms for more than 20 minutes. The beat series and beat types are shown and selected in the display.


The device to be tested or the terminals are connected to the SEC160 via ten electrode banana plugs.



With pushbutton contacts, you can also connect patient cables with electrode clips.

Technical Data
LCD Display 132x64 dots on 50x30 mm
Digital resolution 16 Bit, 38 mV/digit
Precision of output signals at 25 C (1,0% + 8 V)
from the respective value of the standard ECGs in IEC 60601-2-51/Appendix II
Output impedance RA, LA, LL, V1-V6 115 Ohm
Temporal resolution Sampling rate 1 ms, 0.2%
Calibration Traceable to PTB and NIST
Power Supply 2 x Mignon (AA) NiMH-, NiCd-rechargeable batteries (1.2 V) or 1.5-V batteries
Dimensions and Weight Approx. 120 x 70 x 47 mm
Approx. 200 grams including rechargeable or primary batteries
Environmental condition   Ambient Operating Temperature Range: 10 to 40C
Storage Temperature Range: -10 to 60C
Operating and Storage Humidity: 85% max
relative humidity non-condensing from 0 to 50C
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